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We are here to provide exceptional information to the industry professional and to the consumer on swimming pools and spa’s. Water tv is a industry/consumer informational hub on the swimming pool & spa industry. At Water tv, we post informative pool and spa videos and articles. Water-TV.com is the foremost online resource for people who have an interest in the latest pool and spa news and information. We post videos, articles, and reviews that relate to aquatic issues. In addition to sharing general information about pools with our readers, we also regularly post things that are specifically geared toward pool owners and industry professionals.

WATERtv the visual source for all things aquatic that move us.
WATERtv celebrates water for its infinite beauty through highly-innovative video presentations
that pay tribute to those with a passion to explore it as a fluid art form and expose its innate elegance in architecture, technology and design. Discover the artisans, acclaimed and emerging, hear their amazing stories and view how their inspired creations are transforming our everyday lives in the swimming pool industry.


Welcome to the Pool & Spa industry, revolutionized!


 Produced By: Artistic Visual Studios


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5 thoughts on “About WATER TV VIDEO

  1. I attended the Western show this weekend in Long Beach. I must say that I’m was very excited to see a camera crew there. The gentleman filming gave me a business card and asked me to check in when I got back home, which I’m doing now.

    I would really enjoy seeing some of the content that use to be in Watershapes magazine.

    Good luck with this site, I’ll be watching and checking in occasionally.

    Tim Oriely
    SunState Pools

  2. I spoke to the crew at the South West show last month. These videos are amazing! Nothing says more than quality images. After seeing these examples I would say Its about time to take down my cell phone videos on my web page and move up to WaterTv.

    Thanks Really enjoyed the stuff, looking for more!

  3. Stephen Schaefer

    Whats the best equipment to use on our new pool??

    • Great question!
      Jandy, Pentair and Hayward are all great company’s.
      All three company’s also offer great warranty’s.
      It really comes down to having a great hydraulic design and proper pipe size for your pool environment.

  4. Peter Langevin

    If you truly want to have influence in the swimming pool market place then you have to know the key players. Please read further,

    I was present for this interview and can tell you these two gentlemen are moving this industry forward on an escalated clip. Both are passionate regarding the water industry. Their work speaks for volumes.

    Industry veteran Steve Gutai has helped countless troubled and wayward projects get back on track. I can personally remember Steve picking up the phone and helping me out of a tricky and complicated spa manifold issue. I’m not alone, Speaking to a host of others like myself at the Western Pool and Spa show, He has a reputation for being there when it counted the most. What an incredible resource for us and he continues to be with his new leadership position at Zodiac / Jandy. The future is bright with his leadership. A big belated thank you Steve! You saved us back in 2005.

    Randy Beard has constructed some of the worlds greatest waterscapes, in the most challenging locations imaginable. This highly inventive yet humble man shares his triumpths with spouse Martha Beard together they operate Pure Water Pools inc. in Southern California. Their backyard is a pool builders paradise. Newport Beach is a mecca to the good life, catering to the worlds movers and shakers. A simple stones throw away are other well appointed cities such and Laguna Beach, Corna Del Mar and San Clemente. Making this fertile ground to create and scale a business.

    I want to again thank them both for stepping up and being on camera with WATERtv. Senior team leader Doug Johnston has relly put together a rich program of media. Please visit the site at http://www.water-tv.com

    On a side note, There were no hydraulic classes that existed back in 2005 for me to attend. With great wisdom, The Genesis3 team stepped up and introduced a whole host of related topics to fill this void. If your one of the few that still says, ” my Daddy taught me this way so it must be right” You owe it to yourself to attend one of these highly educational classes. David John Peterson Jr. program director does a splendid job breaking it all down for you. Leaving with a healthy dose of plumbing information, not to mention some propriety software to the attendees that is a game changer.

    Peter Langevin

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