How to apply Graphic Presentation for Swimming Pools

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Graphic Presentations

Graphic Presentations

Landscape Architect Kathy Marosz

Vision Design & Watershapes

How to apply Graphic Presentation for Swimming Pools

Kathy Marosz is president and principal designer at Enviroscapes and Vision Design & Watershapes, a pool, spa and landscape design and construction firm based in San Diego, Calif. since 1994.

Her original firm, Enviroscapes Environmental Design Service was established in 1989 after Kathy earned her degree in Landscape Architecture from California State Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo. Shortly thereafter she also became certified as an Irrigation Water Auditor.

While living in the San Luis Obispo area, Marosz served on and chaired the City of Morro Bay’s “Streets and Trees Committee”. During her tenure, she and two other Cal Poly Grads organized a detailed study of the condition of the existing urban forest and using that data developed a comprehensive list of suggested street trees for the various micro-climates within the city.

Marosz became a licensed Landscaping Contractor in 1991, Swimming Pool Contractor in 2006 and General Contractor in 2011 and has qualified as a Contractor’s State License Board “Industry Expert”.

She was the first woman who qualified for membership in Genesis 3’s “Society of Watershape Designers” and has taught classes in site analysis and architectural drafting for Genesis 3’s Design Schools. She has also been an invited guest lecturer at both Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Pomona speaking to Landscape Architecture students about swimming pools, spas and water features as well as avoiding real life pitfalls by incorporating sound design practices.

Graphic Presentations



First, Design is a Process. In our experience, designing a truly great project demands communication—not just a check list of wants and wishes—but a conversation that allows the designer to truly understand how you and your family and guests are going to use the space(s) we are creating. You are an integral part of that process.

Second, design ideas are typically communicated through sketches and drawings. In our opinion, it is usually not necessary to produce sheet after sheet of questionably useful drawings. In other words, more sheets of paper do not always translate to better communication or quality of design. So when the concept or detail has been adequately and appropriately communicated, we stop drawing and charging the client for something they don’t need.

Third, you can be assured that everything we propose in our design solutions is there for a reason—be it safety, functionality, or purely an aesthetic consideration.

Fourth, never be afraid to tell your designer you don’t understand or don’t like something about a proposed concept.

Fifth, when you retain Enviroscapes Inc for the construction of your project our obligation is to you. We are on site to insure that the design you approved is properly and professionally installed in a timely manner per plan.

Graphic Presentations


Providing thoughtful design solutions starts with an open and ongoing dialog between designer and client, and a thorough assessment of existing site conditions as they relate to your needs and expectations.

A Site Plan of existing conditions drawn to scale will be generated and an overlay Site Analysis will be prepared and discussed with you in a meeting (typically at the project site).  This helps both you and the designer to understand and assess the feasibility of your project coming to fruition within your budget.  Depending on the complexity of the site and proposed project, overlays of concept alternatives may also be developed and reviewed at this meeting.

After selecting a concept option or combination of elements from multiple alternatives, your designer will develop a composite overlay based on your preferences which will be reviewed in a meeting.  Upon your approval of this composite concept, your designer will prepare a final Landscape Concept Plan for your final approval.

For adequate development of particular elements of the design such as swimming pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, etc. additional meetings may be required.

Additional drawings will be provided as necessary such as irrigation, drainage and planting plans, details for gazebo, shade trellis or pergola construction, hardscape and swimming pool layout, etc.

Graphic Presentations


To fulfill our promise and exceed our clients’ expectations so you can experience and own ‘The Art of Outdoor Elegance’.



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