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The Life of Mosaic Glass Tile Artist Jimmy Reed. Mosaic tile and the true art of installation.

Mosaic tiles, ever so rich in the beauty each piece possesses, are equally, if not more, rich in history, especially in relation to interior and exterior design. The origins of Mosaic glass tiles, according to scholars, date back as far as 4th millennium BC, found in the Temple of Uruk in Mesopotamia. But it was later in second century BC that the Greeks truly honed in on the true artistic splendor of Mosaic glass tiles. Fast forward to present day, and with all the modern day technological advances Mosaic glass tiles are more popular than ever before. They can be found just about anywhere in a house: kitchens, bathrooms, on floors and on walls. But there’s one special place within a home where the mystique and glamour of Mosaic glass tiles are truly harnessed: the swimming pool.

Yes, mosaic glass tiles are indeed alluring, and do breathe life into any setting they’re placed in. But it takes a truly skilled individual to assist these gorgeous pieces of glass tiles on their journey of transforming a swimming pool from mundane to magnificent. And that brings us to the man of the hour,  a master of mosaic glass tile installation, Jimmy Reed of Rock Solid Tile Inc. With his visionary leadership and elite team, Jimmy has had the pleasure of working on projects of epic proportions, and has given high-caliber clients the privilege of seeing their swimming pools metamorphose into grand works of art. But just like you and I, Jimmy Reed began with the basics, found something he had interest in and worked his way up. From grunt work to gorgeous works of art, Jimmy Reed shows us that with passion and drive one can go from apprenticeship to kingship in any field of work they may desire.

When did you start working in the tile industry?

“I started working with tile when I was about 12 years old. I worked for a guy who lived across the street form us, Lonnie Cooper, great guy and still friends to this day.”

And what exactly would you do for Mr. Cooper?

“He would let me work with him and his crew, on the weekends and during the summers, if there were no waves [laughs]. I would clean tools, mix mud, bring boxes of tiles up stairways, anything the lowest guy on the pole would do. That’s what I did. That’s how I started.”

Was it an educational experience?

“Yes, I learned a lot from these guys. I learned, definitely the old school way to install tile, which means basically you’re learning all the preparation, floating showers from the stud out, paper and wire, scratch coats, brown coats.”

What were you getting payed back then?

“At that time I was payed about $2.25 an hour, and I loved it.”

Any other odd jobs while growing up?

“I remember mowing lawns, knocking on doors, shining shoes when I was a kid. My dad taught me that from day one, get out there and work.”

Is there a high level of appreciation for glass tiles?

“I think the level of appreciation for glass tiles has always been there, I mean it’s an historic material, used for hundreds and hundreds of years, but it has definitely become more popular in residential pools in the last 20 years or so. It’s really taken off.”

We understand you have been using Laticrete International materials on your current job-site. Could you tell us a little about the products that are in play when you’re working on these amazing projects?

“So, we start off with 254 thin-set, skim coat of the thin set, we use that to bond the mortar bed, which is Laticrete’s mortar bed called 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed, great, great mortar bed system. So we use that thin-set to bond that mortar bed, or float basically. And then after the bed is cured and dried and is smooth we skim-coat it again to give the Laticrete HYDRO BAN, the waterproof membrane a nice, clean, smooth surface. Then after that we use the thin-set again as our installation for bonding the glass mosaics.”

How do you feel about the Laticrete system?

“The Laticrete systems great! Their thin-sets, and their mortar bed, the grout, it works great, the guys love it, it’s easy to use, it’s just great material.”

What is Play Day with Laticrete all about?

“We have a play-day with Laticrete, May 16th in Dallas Texas. We have a live project, an active project that we’re working on right now. It’s an indoor pool, glass mosaic, and on that we’re definitely using the full Laticrete system, from the shell out, it’s all Laticrete.”

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