Oceanears Underwater Speakers for swimming pools



Oceanears Underwater Speakers for swimming pools

WATERtv introducing an incredible topic about underwater speakers for swimming pools.

Imagine yourself hosting a pool-side neighborhood barbecue. The music is pumping, the grill is smoking, and the people are laughing and having a grand old time. As you move and groove while you grill, the sweat is starting to bead up on your forehead and you can’t help but glance at the dancing body of water where friends and family splash away in the cool depths. Your favorite song is blasting from the stereo outside of the water and although you are in desperate need of a refreshing dip, you don’t want those tunes to stop; however, the temptation to just dive in, music or not, is too much to handle. Good news: you’ve installed Oceanears underwater speakers and although you are entirely submerged in the water, the music still reaches your ears loud and clear, practically moving through your body.  Now throw another burger on the grill in thanks to Ed Harper, owner of Oceanears Underwater Speakers.

Let’s dive in to this panel discussion with Mr. Harper and three of the leading U.S. pool and spa builders, including Manny Rivera, owner of Benchmark Pools and Spas; Beverly Hills’ Dave Penton, owner of Fluid Dynamics; and Arizona’s Rick Chafey of Red Rock Pools and Spas. Underwater speakers have been around for about 35-40 years, an ideal amount of time to really begin to perfect the system. Although Oceanears Underwater Speakers are not the oldest manufacturers of underwater sound systems, they are the most aggressive in the industry to date. In the first five years of business, Ed received an opportunity to put the speaker system to the test in the 1996 Olympics for the synchronized swimming competitors. Since then, Oceanears supplied the 2008 Beijing Olympics with their innovative system, with talks of working with the Brazil Olympics in 2016 Summer Games.

In my mind, I’m thinking lots of plugs and wires and equipment. On the contrary, Oceanears’ latest technology utilizes Class D Amplifier technology using a 50-Watt amplifier inside the underwater speaker which makes it safe and easy to use. You just need a 12-Volt power supply for the amplifier and an iPod to provide your own music list and that’s it. Simple, effective: Oceanears Underwater Sound System for residential swimming pool and spas.

Remember that the human body is composed mainly of water, so while using this system, the music is working with your body and producing sound all around you.  This is why they’re doing sound therapy research — they’re finding out that sound waves can affect the body in positive ways.

So besides adding some extra pizzazz to your patio oasis, what else can Oceanears do for you? In an earlier conversation the system was suggested for use with underwater models — Water TV has done a lot of this with their current underwater aquatic lifestyle informational videos for residential swimming pool and spas. Oceanears is working on a next generation device with which the diver can wear a full-face mask so they can talk with others in the water without any other equipment on.  For example: say you have a model with some locks of hair that are being less than cooperative underwater. Instead of using hand signs to try and communicate, they can verbally express the follicle distress without the crew needing a receiver. This can also be used in areas such as scuba diving, dive training, or per the interview, installing the system in a backyard pool with the ability to tell the children that it’s time to get out without yelling at the top of your lungs.

Leave it to Water TV to bring this to our attention is getting out to the industry professionals and homeowners alike for quality information on residential swimming pools and spas, since sometimes even the builders are unaware of this amazing pool and spa amenity. Check out Oceanears.com and discover how their state of the underwater sound system can enhance your aquatic lifestyle.

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