OmniLogic Hayward Controller Video


OmniLogic hayward Controller

OmniLogic Hayward Controller Video


WATERtv gives Hayward a thumbs up for performance on the New OmniLogic Controller.

OmniLogic Hayward Controller Video

Anyone who has ever owned a pool and spa knows how difficult it is to maintain it. There’s lighting, heating, filter systems, cleaning, and all the other whistles and bells featured in your backyard oasis that you have to worry about. As children, my siblings and I would have to turn on the pool heater hours or even the day before we wanted to swim. We had to reach through the bushes, standing on our tippy-toes to turn on the pool lights, remember which buttons and levers controlled which pumps and cleaners, turn the filtration system on, and most importantly, remember to turn off the necessary systems or risk running up the electric bill and turning the pool into a hot spring with burnt-out lights. How amazing would it have been to simply press a button and have the pool perfectly heated, lit, and entirely prepared for an after-school splash with the pals?  If you had a system with presets to control all your aquatic lifestyle needs with the option for fifty different themes and twenty-five favorites, you could do all this and more.

Introducing OmniLogic — the simplest, most intuitive backyard automation system ever. It takes the hard, and often complicated, work out of owning and operating a residential pool and spa.

Designed to minimize maintenance and make your backyard paradise easy to enjoy, OmniLogic was built to exceed residential pool and spa programming standards. OmniLogic is controlled by an LCD screen with a user friendly, icon-based interface, allowing you to quickly and easily customize the system to fit your aquatic lifestyle needs. The built-in LCD control can be used in conjunction with any wifi-capable device via an app to easily maintain your residential pool and spa.

Imagine you’re at work and you have hours before you can get away. You’re having a small get-together with some friends but you didn’t prepare the pool and spa for your evening guests. This is easier done than said. You simply swipe on your phone, open the OmniLogic app, and choose the desired preset to prepare your pool. A few button taps and swipes later and your pool heater is set to the desired temperature, the jets are running, the lights are illuminated, the fountains are dancing and you didn’t even have to leave your desk or break a sweat. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Setting up familiar names for pool and spa features, as well as other automated activities eliminates guessing games. You can even check on the status of these features: Is the filter pump running? What are the pool and spa’s current temperatures? Is the chlorinator functioning? Your OmniLogic system can give you all this information, even away from home. Adjustable Favorites buttons allow you to set the features you use the most at your fingertips and with dramatically expanded backyard themes, each family member has the ability to personalize themes for custom ambiance. Seamlessly access your backyard via your mobile device, smart tablet, home network, wireless and wired remotes, or the base unit itself depending on where you are or what you’re doing.

Updating your system is just as easy as operating it. Using a USB key, you can download the latest system updates, insert the USB into the system, and simply install the updates so you’re never working with obsolete software. OmniLogic is designed and engineered to advance with automation technology. The system’s unique architecture allows for effortless access to the latest software upgrades, new capabilities, or even restoration of previous configurations. There’s no reprogramming, no paying for upgrades, no service calls, and no equipment swapping required. You can even tie in your automated aquatic lifestyle to an existing automated system. Designed to be salt-ready, and compatible with Sense & Dispense, let OmniLogic keep your chemicals perfectly balanced. Easily set schedules and maximize energy efficiency for cleaning and filtration processes.

Since everyone will be raving about your amazing automated residential pool and spa system, OmniLogic has been designed to be easily repeatable. So when Mr. and Mrs. Smith can’t stop talking about your perfect setup, point them to Hayward Pools’s OmniLogic, and provide them with the template to your ideal aquatic lifestyle setup via the USB key. If you’re a pool and spa industry professional, use that USB key’s stored templates to quickly and easily program all of your clients’ OmniLogic systems.

Thinking about adding a water feature? Possibly more landscape lighting? OmniLogic can accommodate you using a 125-amp sub-panel modular system. The system uses a serpentine relay configuration with 4 actuators and room for expansion. With simple expansion hardware, you can install as many as 8 actuators to accommodate more features, such as temperature sensors, multi-speed pool cleaners, controls for multiple bodies of water, and dual equipment; making it easy to seamlessly add new features, while keeping the simplicity of a single control unit.

When you choose OmniLogic, you choose sophisticated simplicity. You choose to not only make your backyard easier to maintain, but easier to enjoy. No need to ponder it, head over to and discover how OmniLogic can enchance your aquatic lifestyle today.

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