Swimming Pool Safety Measures & Poolside Precautions

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WATERtv the visual source for all things aquatic

Swimming pool Safety Measures & Poolside Precautions

Ah, summertime. The season of fun, fun and more fun is right around the corner (June 21st of this year, 29 more days, to be exact). I think it’s safe to say there’s one thing we all incorporate with summer, and that one thing is water! There are many forms of enjoying this clear, pellucid, transparent fluid during the sunny season – lakes, beaches and our personal favorite, swimming pools! And that brings us to the topic at hand friends: safety measures and precautions we can all take to keep our loved ones, as well as ourselves, protected at all times, especially when an unfortunate situation arises. We’ll take a look at various types of equipment as well as education that will ensure the welfare of us and those nearby when enjoying the wonderful perks of a swimming pool in the summer.


Swimming Lessons


The number one priority was, is and always will be CHILDREN. So it’s crucial that kids are taught everything there is to know: basic water safety tips, appropriate physical behavior with other kids when in or around a swimming pool, and yes, you guessed it, the ability to swim. Now, it isn’t uncommon for parents to teach their infants or children to swim, and there’s nothing wrong with it, so long as you’re well-versed in swimming! Now, if you’re a little rusty, there’s no shame in signing up your kids (AND MAYBE YOURSELF) to swimming lessons. You can find classes just about anywhere, they’re affordable and are taught by certified professionals. Even after proper swimming techniques are learned, keep children at arms reach and under active supervision at all times.

The American Red Cross provides both children and adults with in-depth, six-level learn to swim programs. Conveniently located near you and very affordable. For more information CLICK HERE.

CPR Certification


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency plan of action for physically maintaining brain function until additional means to reestablish blood circulation and breathing can be preformed on an individual suffering from cardiac arrest. Drowning accidents are unfortunately inevitable at certain times, regardless of how well prepared we are, so possessing the skills to execute CPR properly is a crucial ability in life threatening situations. Though it is unlikely that CPR alone to restore regular heart function, it still serves a great purpose, restoring partial flow of oxygenated blood to both the brain and the heart. One piece of information I was pleased to find out is that there is no actual age requirements for partaking in CPR training seminars, so long as kids are physically and mentally able to carry out course testing, so why not take the entire family and make it an even more of a meaningful learning experience? Acquiring this particular ability could be the difference between life and death.

The American Red Cross provides CPR/AED training & certification that meet the standards of workplace responders, professional rescuers school staffs, professional responders and healthcare providers as well as the general public. Register online and find classes in your area with ease. To find out more information CLICK HERE. 


Swimming Pool Fences


Accidents can occur at any moment, even when children are under adult supervision. It only takes a split second for a slip-and-fall incident to take place, and that is exactly why instruments such as swimming pool fences are a worthwhile investment. Swimming pool fences secure the entire perimeter of a pool, eliminating the possiblity of a child falling in. The price of swimming pool fences vary depending on the quality of each fence, but even the most top if the line models are quite affordable

Swimming Pool Covers


Yet another wise purchase, swimming pool covers, just like swimming pool fences, prevent children from falling into swimming pools. Both pool covers and fences are essential throughout the year, regardless of if its the season of swimming or not. Just think of these pool covers as horizontal fences, keeping kids safe while keeping out any unwanted people, animals and other elements. Also an affordable and intelligent buy.

Swimming Pool Alarms


Swimming pool alarms are a truly genius invention. These devices consist of both door alarms and gate alarms. The door alarms are designed to sound off when a door leading to a swimming pool has been opened. The gate alarm works in the same fashion, when the gate to a swimming pool is opened and the electric barrier has been broken the alarm will activate, alerting you and making you aware of a potential accident. I recommend both, they’re easy to install, easy to use and won’t cost you a pretty penny.

We all love spending sweet summer days basking under the soothing rays of the sun, cooling ourselves to the core inside swimming pools, they truly are a source for infinite health and happiness, but let us all remember that there are necessary steps we need to take in order to minimize, and hopefully one day, completely eliminate unwanted and unwelcome moments of tragedy. Over 200 children die each year in backyard swimming pool accidents. It’s time those numbers vanish from our statistic books. WATERtv wishes everyone a fun, and most importantly, safe summer.

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