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WATERtv the visual source for all things aquatic

WATERtv the visual source for all things aquatic

Swimming Pool Lifestyle & Trends

It is ancient wisdom that the aesthetics of our surroundings influence every aspect of our health and well-being. Today, even as everyday life becomes more complex and out of balance, our desire to seek tranquility and sanctuary from its rigors has been elevated to a passion.

Internationally-acclaimed environmental designer DOUG JOHNSTON brings his passion for life in balance to premier outdoor living spaces created in harmony with the natural landscape.  With over 20 years experience in design and construction and an expertise in custom watershapes and aquatecture, Doug’s award-winning designs reflect a deeper understanding of art, innovation, form and function.  Built on the foundation of good design, his work breaks convention influenced by the centuries-old Chinese principles of Feng Shui and the original perspectives of modern visionaries such as architects Frank Lloyd Wright, Alvar Aalto and Le Corbusier.

Recently featured on the Discovery Channel and in numerous publications worldwide, Doug travels the globe consulting on projects of various scales, drawing on different cultures and traditions to inspire his work.  It is the beauty and quality of carefully selected materials and art, central components of his design, that contribute to making each project as unique and personal as the client for whom it is created.

Every project is approached as a visceral work of art, designed to engage the senses on every level.  The interplay of color and light, the reflective qualities of water and the sensual warmth  of fire are introduced to the existing architecture and beyond to the natural landscape bringing exterior living spaces to life — creating places of calm and contemplation, renewal and inspiration — where sublime luxury meets spiritual healing.

Committed to the latest trends in building practices and technology, Doug’s studio offers his clients 3D animation and photo imaging to better visualize their project from concept to completion and to ensure their objectives and desires will be realized.

A tour of his website reveals the design projects that have garnered DOUG JOHNSTON the prestigious GAVA Gold Award for global excellence in years past and currently in 2012.  In     an industry offering endless options for construction and design, Doug sets the gold standard time and again by creating the ultimate private paradise born of man and nature that soothes the soul and takes the breath away.

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