Swimming Pool options to consider before taking the Plunge


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Swimming Pool options to consider before taking the Plunge


Give me a comfy lounge chair with a big fat cushion on it in a little patch of sunshine next to a private plunge pool to dip in when my skin gets a little too warm form the sun and I am completely content. I have found that the plunge pool is all I really want out of the vast options available in the residential pool market.The plunge pool takes it’s name from the naturally formed deep well at the bottom of a waterfall.  If you have ever had the pleasure of swimming in a naturally formed plunge pool at the bottom of a waterfall I’m sure you’ll agree its heaven. Take away the waterfall, the sticky jungle hike to get there the airline tickets and the hotel bill and you will be left with a private plunge pool, which in this suburban jungle I also consider to be a little slice of heaven.


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I grew up having a swimming pool in California, we were in it all the time,. As a kid I never understood why my mom never wanted to get in the pool with my brother and I. About once a year she would join us and once she got in the pool we were drawn to her like moths to a flame and we would want to hang off of her and show her our newest tricks, Mom look at me, Mom watch this… She just wanted to cool off from the summer heat and have a moment of peaceful relaxation, which she never got if we had anything to do with it.


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Now looking back on it, as I’m about to turn 40 in a few months, I totally get it. When I think of unwinding after a grueling day at the office and a long commute, no part of that thought involves floaty’s, children or Marco Polo.  Just like my mom I want to cool off from the summer heat and have a moment of peaceful relaxation. Now this can be done in any type pool, but the plunge pool is my preference less water, less chemicals and a tiny space requirement. Also I find the plunge pool to be less likely to invoke a splashing ruckus and no impromptu water volleyball games will break out in a plunge pool.  There is a limit to the number of people that can accompany you in a plunge pool and my personal invite list tops out at two and the majority of the time it is a blissful party for one.

When I go to a resort that offers rooms with a  private plunge pool at a higher rate, they will up sale me every time.  If this makes my husband frown I just whisper in his ear “I can’t wait to go skinny dipping” and suddenly he is happy to upgrade, it’s a win-win. What’s more romantic, more luxurious than a private plunge pool tucked away from prying eyes and let’s be honest once given the privacy, skinny-dipping really is an option for many of us that have not dared it since we were old enough to vote.

Maybe it’s just me, (I don’t have kids so I know I will lose some of you here), but I just feel that in a residential setting a plunge pool is just classy, more adult, no fiberglass diving board or water slide eye sore to look at when you want to transform your back yard space into a cool summer evening party venue.   Put a couple of pillar candles and cushions next to a plunge pool at your summertime event and people will be drawn to it like they are to the outdoor fire place in the colder months.  Besides, sipping wine and dangling your toes in the water is exactly what you need after all that party prep.image (4)

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There are so many options available when designing a plunge pool, because of the size and simplicity you can really get creative. Most plunge pools are in the 7′ to 12′ width/length ballpark and they can be in any shape your heart desires, or your space allows. Repurposing vessels such as water wells or hoarse troughs can be the perfect option if your going green. If repurposing is not your thing, there is a wide range of new build styles for these narrow bodies of water. Spa chic with trickling water effects, utilitarian uber modern with no frills or maybe a natural style plunge pool that blend in to a more rustic surrounding.

What ever style floats your boat,  have fun with it and make it your own.


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