Training Video for Installation of Glass Tile Pools


How to Install Glass Tile for Swimming Pools Video


Training Video for Installation of Glass Tile Pools

Training Video on How to Install Glass Tile for Swimming Pools with Rock Solid Tile & Laticrete International. How to Install Glass Tile for Swimming Pools Video. In this video Jimmy Reed from Rock Solid Tile is going to show you the full Laticrete installation for submerged glass tile in swimming pools. The video goes over the full Laticrete International installation system for submerged glass tile in swimming pools. For installation of glass tile mosaics it is the responsibility of the installer or contractor to contact Laticrete International for the correct application method for your project. Temperature, humidity, climate, all play a huge part in how glass tile is installed on swimming pools. It is very important to have waterproofing engineer, structural engineer and laticrete engineers to provide proper details and product installation guide lines for your project and must be involved before any glass touches the swimming pool.

Laticrete International, a manufacture of ceramic tile, Stone and Thin brick masonry installation systems, has long recognized the need for technical video to provide guidelines and recommendations for the design, Specifications and installation of tile and stone for swimming Pools, Fountains, Water features and spas. Technical advances in materials, Manufacturing, and construction methods have expanded the role of tile and stone In this application type since the development of the adhesive mortars in the 1950s. In keeping with their position as an industry leader, Laticrete international is publishing this first video edition of the tiled Swimming pool, fountains and spas technical design manual to make State-of-the-art information and technology available to architects, Engineers, construction professionals,Tile contractors, and manufacturers of ceramic tile and stone. It is the goal of this publication to encourage new ideas, research and technology for the purpose of improving the future of submerged installations of tile and stone. The information and recommendations contained here in our based on the experience of the author and Laticrete International Inc. While we believe the information presented In these documents to be correct, Laticrete International and its employees assume no responsibility for It’s accuracy or for the opinions expressed herein. The information contained in this publication should not be used or relied upon for any specific application or project without the competent examination by qualified professionals and verification of its accuracy and applicability. Users of information from this publication assume all liability arising from such use.

Training Video for Installation of Glass Tile Pools

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