Video Interview with Designer David Tisherman

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Video Interview with Designer David Tisherman

David Tisherman is principal and founder of David Tisherman’s Visuals, Inc., a watershape design/build firm, established in 1979, with headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California. He, and partner, Kevin Fleming established a design/build East Coast office, Liquid Design (Cherry Hill, New Jersey ), to serve the Delaware Valley in 2001. Since 1979, he has advocated the highest possible standards for aquatic design, engineering, and construction. His education includes Bachelors Degrees in History and Industrial Design, and post graduate work at Pasadena, Art Center College of Design and Harvard, Graduate School of Design.Named “The Frank Lloyd Wright of the pool industry” by Pool & Spa News, his educational background and award-winning design experience is unmatched in the industry. He is a master water-effects designer and builder, who understands the art of water and brings that vision to life without compromise. David’s expertise is not limited to the visual aspect of water effect design. His knowledge of structural engineering relating to soil conditions is known throughout the industry, and he has been retained in numerous construction defect cases pertaining to improper and sub-standard building practices. The Robb report has referred to him as: “The Master Designer and Builder of the pool industry” and “The most influential pool designer and builder in the last 2 decades”.

I find it very interesting that color plays that big of impact on swimming pool design.
What’s your thoughts?

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