Video of the 2014 Western Pool Show

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WATERtv the visual source for all things aquatic

WATERtv the visual source for all things aquatic

Video of the 2014 Western Pool Show

Long Beach, California – as the warm and soothing spring sun sits high up in the vast blue skies of SoCal, shining brightly over the peaceful waters of the Pacific, one can not help but to feel at ease. Freedom from any worry or discomfort. Instead you find yourself occupied, indulging in the city’s wonderful weather while you engage in fun sites and activities. Long Beach is home to the Aquarium of the Pacific, a popular public aquarium that sits on a 5-acre site on Rainbow Harbor,  The Port of Long Beach, which is the second busiest seaport in the US and the historic RMS Queen Mary, now a retired ocean liner turned tourist attraction. Add to that the temperate year-round climate, ideal offshore sailing waters, active beach-goers and the long list of Olympians, world champions and world record holders in Aquatics that the city has produced and it’s no wonder why Long Beach is referred to as the “Aquatic Capital of America”, and that’s exactly why it was the perfect setting for the 2014 Western Pool and Spa Show. We here at WaterTV were fortunate enough to be a part of this years exhibition from start to finish and are pleased to present exclusive content including insightful interviews with knowledgeable and skilled experts in the pool and spa industry.

The 2014 W.P.S.S. expo was both entertaining and educational, a welcoming environment that not only attracted people who work in the field of in-ground pools and spas but also their families. There were free goodies being given away at every turn, a putting competition and also a raffle contest with some truly great prizes that ranged from top of the line electronics such as iPads all the way up to even much larger and more extravagant gifts like brand new heavy-duty Dodge truck, all while making your way through booth after booth filled with the latest, most innovative pool and spa products, services  as well as vital tips and tricks of the trade brought to you by some of the industry’s most successful powerhouses to date.

Co-hosts Peter Langevin of Simply Pools and Spas and Randy Beard of Pure Water Pools really bring things to life, taking their understanding of the industry and asking important people some really great questions, extracting vital info and interesting viewpoints out of each of their detailed discussions with specialists. All this week, we at WaterTV will be releasing our exclusive coverage of the 2014 Western Pool and Spa Show, giving you, the viewer, a very special opportunity to absorb the knowledge and expertise of some of the most incisive individuals in the industry today. You’ll have the pleasure of hearing from people such as Eric Herman, Senior Editor for Aqua Magazine, Steve Gutai of Jandy – Zodiac Pool Systems Inc., Jimmy Read of Rock Solid Tile, Dave Penton of Fluid Dynamics Pool & Spa plus many more. So if you happened to have missed out on this years exhibition, our thorough tour will make it seem as if you attended all three days of the W.P.S.S. expo! We were privileged enough to conduct many informative, in-depth interviews with some of the most talented owners, contractors and company reps, getting a firsthand look at their thoughts and opinions on water culture in everyday life, unique concepts on pool projects in the works, technological advancements in present day products and much much more. So make sure to check back in these next few days in obtaining useful facts from industry leaders. You’ll have the pleasure of hearing from people such as Eric Herman, Senior Editor for AQUA Magazine, Steve Gutai of Jandy – Zodiac Pool Systems Inc., Jimmy Read of Rock Solid Tile, Dave Penton of Fluid Dynamics Pool & Spa and many other well respected companies that specialize in pool and spa products and services.

The 2014 Western Pool and Spa Show may have come to an end, but it’s never too late to experience it for yourself.  WaterTV is pleased to provide you with an extensive look at all the highlights of this years fun and exciting expo! Enjoy!

Welcome to the Pool & Spa industry, revolutionized!

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