The Race For Best Bottled Beverage


WATERtv the visual source for all things aquatic

WATERtv the visual source for all things aquatic

We live in a world where we’re always on the go, whether it’s work, school or other important commitments in our lives. This fast-paced way of life leads us to buying bottled beverages like never before. So what are consumers purchasing the most in recent years? What refreshments are we reaching for in order to quench our thirst and get us through the day? Surprisingly, it isn’t the sugar-soaked caffeinated drinks that provide us with strange jolts of energy and give us the illusion of being awake. The bottled beverage that bests the rest is far more simple, it’s water. Preliminary data provided by Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC) shows that bottled water intake has risen up to 10.1 billion gallons, an increase of 4.3% from 2012. There has also been a growth in per capita consumption by 3.3%, indicating that people in the U.S. are consuming an average of 31.8 gallons of water yearly. And as sales in bottled water skyrockets, soft drink companies are experiencing their 8th consecutive year of volume loss. With people becoming more and more conscious about their overall health and the unsafe elements found in soft drinks, water is lapping competition in the race for best bottled beverage. With enhancements in taste, bottled water is even surpassing other beverages in the flavor department with blends such as coconut, vitamin, flavored and alkaline. So the next time your taste buds crave savoring a drink that’s both delicious and beneficial to your body grab a bottle of water instead. We at WATERtv are proud to present the first-place trophy to our good friend: H2O.

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